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A few reasons why Applied Content is the right choice for your content needs:

There's no shortcut to creating unique content, except for using a trustworthy content firm. Applied Content supplies unique content and articles from highly talented writers. Our professional content writers are all US based and have written tens of thousands of pages of unique content and articles. We also specialize in optimizing keyword density for your unique content, improving your rankings with search engines.

Pricing Info

We have priced our content at bulk prices, so you must order 10 pages or more. The price for each "page" depends on the number of words. Most orders are completed within 5-7 business days. Longer articles cost more because more research and details are required by our writers.

$25 - 125 words (about 2 paragraphs)
$35 - 250 words (minimum recommended for SEO)
$49 - 350 words
$70 - 500 words
$140 - 1000 words

For example, if you would like to order 20 pages that are 250 words each, the cost would be $700 for the order.

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Are you Authoritative?

Becoming an authoritative site in your niche is not easy. You'll first need some real, unique content. Not some cheap content that everyone else is using, scraped content from somewhere else on the web, or some amateur writer without experience in optimizing content.

Unique content, and fresh content will be your friend. Written professionally, just for you. Check your competitor's sites, they probably have at least 50 pages of content, possibly in the hundreds or thousands. You'll need at least that, if not more in unique content to get up in the rankings, and that's where we come in.

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Some of Our Clients

We work with companies both large and small. We don't publish the names of our clients, but we can tell you about them...

  • A Fortune 500 Company
  • A Site listed in Time's 50 Coolest Sites
  • SEO Firms, large and small
  • Online Advertising Revenue Firms
  • Small and Medium Sized Businesses
  • Local Brick-and-Mortar Businesses
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Our Mission: Provide exceptional web content optimized for user readability and improved search engine rankings.