Unique Content

Our Content is Unique

Search engines like Google know unique content when they see it, and they definitely know when you have just copied content or purchased generic copy from some content provider. Google and others want sites to show in the top ten that are naturally related and readable to a keyword search, not some keyword inflated or copied text.

Applied Content offers unique content, written and edited by real humans! We take it a step further and make sure your keywords are inside the content, but not so much that the search engines throw you off the ship. We optimize your content by keeping your content within a specific keyword density, so Google and other search engines consider your content optimal for your keyword results.

If you need a bulk quantity of pages or articles written, we'd love to work with you on your next project. Contact us today for a fast and free pricing estimate.

Many of our clients use the content to create "Authority" sites, a site that has lots of information related to the product or service, but not necessarily specifically about their products and services. This makes the site a naturally useful site, one that others are more inclined to link to because it does provide useful information. Also the content contains the site's targeted keywords at an acceptable keyword density, enhancing it's visibility to search engines.

Look at your competitors, how many pages do they have indexed? To compete you may need to be on the same playing field. A great resource for checking out your competitor's is Rumble Tool. Try the "vs the world" tool, and see what you need to get your site listed in the top ten. We'll provide the content, and you'll watch the traffic grow.

Our Mission: Provide exceptional web content optimized for user readability and improved search engine rankings.